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with my wordpress blog, it has been 3 years, but the new research project of the St. Lucas University of Art and Design ‘Afterschool’ motivates me to continue blogging about the progress my work will be making upcoming 2 years. This calls for an image of one of my most recent pieces that is shown at the Gallery of Design Flanders, Brussels during the groupexhibition ‘De nieuwe Oogst’. More work on


oktober 4, 2009, 4:22 pm
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the melted plastic i talked about earlier inspired me to make jewelry that calls on my ‘nostalgia-feeling’ of mermaid-toys. the waving surface and streched holes remind me of the sea and its plants and reefs. i used the most common typology, like necklaces and bracelets. i also made a crown that for example could be worn by a little girl dressing up like a mermaidqueen.




curly plastic
mei 17, 2009, 7:06 pm
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as i mentioned i’m shaping sheets in different kind of materials. i shaped metal, copper and impulsively putted a flame on the object so the metal started to look more liquid and ‘baroque’. as i burned the metal i burned a shape i made out of a plastic sheet. the reaction was very surprising to me, while i was burning the plastic i became al curly at the borders and liquid parts became wholes. the result was a very ‘rococo’-looking object. the ‘kitsch’-potential became clear when i sprayed some very artifical pearlshine on it. it had the look of an airbruched toy. i want to make jewelry with this material, based on the idea of kitsch with its ‘clichés’. 





old beauties
februari 12, 2009, 5:05 pm
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a few years ago, i met someone who’s husband died long time ago. he was a diamond sharpener and his woman still had a room full of his stuff. because she had no space to store all of this things she gave most of it to me. one of these things was a box filled with little enamelled stones with flower patterns and playingcards and even a windmill. the fragility and especially the nice colours of the drawings and the background made me enthusiastic about them. i already used a few of them in a jewel, but i will absolutely make more including one or more of the small objects. very very cute.



in an other box i found facetted stones that where probably in a bad condition or just failed sharpenings. most of them are small and not very special, but on the bodem of the box, like a piece of trash, there was a big glass stone with nice colours and a metal-like bottom, also a little damaged, but still very niccccee. i like it very much.

sparkle pussy


models for MORE
februari 8, 2009, 3:27 pm
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this ‘destructing’ of a whole into something flat or ‘breaking’ a flat thing to put up a whole that is ‘fragmented’ (like the twisted rectangles with the cut) is a subject i want to continue in more work. it might leave a flat jewel, or a fragmented sculpture or a ‘new whole’- jewel (like the dipped rings). i want to start from paper sheets and plexi sheets and later on i want to work with metal sheets of all kinds. there must be a confrontation with other material to make the research more interesting and also because it’s fascinating to see the reaction of for example latex on a metal shape with holes in it. it creates new forms and maybe new ways to wear the piece.

paper/board handpiece


the tension as result of the foulding and twisting is bigger in the board piece. aluminum at a scale of this small ring is way to soft and unstable to create a very smooth wave. it might be that an other sort of metal at a larger scale brings the same result as the board.

aluminum latexdip

membrane drips
februari 8, 2009, 2:51 pm
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most of my work is kind of grafical, a shape bild up out of a flat sheet of plastic or metal, or just leaving the sheet a sheet and even drawing on it. in a way i want someting to make these things less ‘mathematical’, less ‘fragmented’.

maybe in an unconscious way i made few things past 2 years that are more organic and more ‘human’ or a mix between human and nature. for example rings made out of hollow metal shapes putted together in a sculpture reaching over the knuckles of the hand to protect them. the sculpture did not feel like a protecting thing, it felt to cold and it looked to hard and not in a whole with the hand. so i dipped the rings into latex and made them white with a spraycan.

i like the drips that froze during the dryingproces and the ‘membranes’ that arose. the ones fragmented sculpture became a whole and a different shape.

the drippings are also present in a necklace i made a year earlier. it was an experiment without a goal. just for fun, but with a cool result. i dipped little spheres into varnish for ceramic and smal drips made the spheres look as if they were melting.

protect knuckle ring

sphere necklace

februari 8, 2009, 2:17 pm
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using the -rectangle with cut- i discovered that i always seem to turn the 3D into 2D and the other way around. this urge is also present in a series of map-like jewels i made, based on this eye-balcony i made for a ‘task’ at school. i unfolded the 3D balcony and made brooches and necklaces out of the ‘maps’ that also reminded me of origami, because of their tightness and angles.

i start from a flat sheet of metal, fold it, tight like origami and than unfold it in new flat chapes. the next step is that i make some of the maps 3D again by making it a bracelet or a ring or just a 3D brooch.



flat jewels

3D maps